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Zach started training Muaythai at the age of 17. Initially picking up the sport only as a form of weightloss, as he weighed a hefty 90kgs as a kid. Coming from a notorious neighborhood and school, where fights broke out often, he decided that Muaythai would be the perfect sport for him.

Not only would he learn how to defend himself but because of the intensity of the training it would help him to lose weight at the same time. As he improved and progressed over the months, the only way he believed that he could really test the skills and knowledge he acquired from training, is by getting in the ring and fighting!

After a year of training, he represented Singapore at the IFMA World Championships, even though he lost his first fight due to a dislocated shoulder, the injury never set him back nor did it end his dream. Zach came back a stronger, better, smarter fighter by perfecting and making use of all his other weapons.

12 years down the road. Zach has now fought and won numerous fights around the world. Zach was also selected to be one of the 16 fighters on Mark Burnett's international hit reality TV Show, The Contender Asia, making him Singapore's most experienced and top professional middleweight fighter!!

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Kim Khan Zaki
fight name
Zig Zach

Vanda Boxing Singapore

date of birth
04 Sep 1982

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WMC Muaythai Against Drugs Singapore Winner 2006
Contender Asia Season 1 Fighter
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Zach known for his Thai style and textbook perfect techniques, has been invited numerous times to conduct Muaythai seminars around Australia.

He is always looking forward to sharing his knowledge and experience to Muay Thai enthusiasts around the world. Check out the pictures and comments from previous seminars held!

Send a mail via contact for seminar arrangements, fight bookings or personal training sessions in Singapore & worldwide.

Dominance MMA, Northern MMA, SMAC, Top Tier Muay Thai - December 2010
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Don Millar Muay Thai, Swan Hill's Martial Arts Gym, G.V Martial Arts, Dominance MMA - May 2010
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